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SALOGONEWSwzoo Records was launched by Sal Paradise in 2008. Having achieved global success with a style known as Moroccanroll, which ended up being signed by Arista Records and which became the soundtrack for the Eckhart Schmidt hit film ‘Die Storie’, Sal set about exploring other styles and other talents. The first major signing was Pandora Ind, a teenager who had only ever sung in a church choir before (honest, not a sales blurb.) Her huge vocal range and emotional delivery can now be heard via the many videos released by Swzoo featuring her talents. Also, via the powers of the net, Sal discovered Tanya Dower, one of the finest blues/soul singers of her generation. A Welsh wonder. These and other talents can be heard on Swzoo’s first studio compilation album ‘SalPal’, released earlier this year. The album SalPal 2 (Dance Class) will be out later this year and SalPal 3 (Eclectic as Hell) is also in the making. All of these records are vanguarded by the awesome artwork of Exile Pots who also contributes the occasional synth wizardry (an experimental musician in his own right.) Swzoo have also released product by the punk band HiFi and an album by the comedy genius D Reg. Others to follow.