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Sal Paradise

New Album ‘Cascader’

In 1984 Sal Paradise signed a five year deal with Arista records. He had invented a unique style fusing Moroccan beats, moog synthesisers and huge bell-like choruses. His first album ‘Shimmer’ became the soundtrack to the massive action feature film ‘Die Storie’ directed by the legendary Eckhart Schmidt. Sal’s music has subsequently been used in many different films and ads, and still sells units to this day especially in middle Europe where he made his name.
Sal continues to write in that style to this day and recently had a hit internet video with ‘Switch Me Off’.
One of many comments..’I remember to the German movie ‘Die Story’. Didn’t like the movie but watched it several times on video only because of this song. Still stucks in my head since back the day. Werner Poeschl

nice fan


Soundtrack from the feature film ‘Wie Treu Ist Nik?’


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