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Tanya Dower

11052542_10153082047609526_5306616128388281625_oUnder the ‘Souls’ division of Swzoo Records, Tanya Dower’s ‘Put Chains on Me’ was released in 2014. Sal discovered Tanya when, he mentioned to an internet mate that he sought a soul singer and was told that he should check out the mate’s girlfriend. ‘Put Chains On Me’ is the result of their first collaboration. Tanya made several appearances on ‘SalPal 1’ most notably ‘Get On With Life’ and on SalPal 3 with the mighty ‘Squaw’ a rock/blues classic featuring the world famous Jay Stapley of Roger Walters ‘The Wall’ tour fame and also ‘You Took Your Time’, an uplifting dance anthem from SalPal 2. But first up and fresh off the press is a downbeat groove-mix of ‘Chains’ (Swingers Mix) from the SalPal 2 addendum EP ‘The Cool Floor Four.’

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