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The Sal Paradise DJ Roadshow … EPK

EPK Video on YouTube Camera and lighting by David Rush



Me and Tim Blue small

About Sal
With the Arista record label, Sal signed a 5 year deal, famously walking in off the streets with two songs and a photo and walking out with a great deal. He had invented a unique style fusing Moroccan beats, moog synthesisers and huge church bell-like choruses. His first album ‘Shimmer’ became the soundtrack to the hit action feature film ‘Die Storie’ directed by the legendary Eckhart Schmidt, which became the highest grossing feature film for that year in central Europe. He subsequently went on to write the soundtracks for two further feature films ‘Das Wunder’ and ‘Wie Treu Ist Nick’ in which he starred. He also wrote some of the soundtrack to ‘Alpha City’. He has also arranged string parts for the likes of Peter Sarstedt.Sal’s music has been used in many diverse adverts and promos, the latest of which was the use of his track ‘The Miracle’ by Max Factor for their Swiss campaign (2015). Sal has recently had a YouTube hit with ‘Switch Me Off’ staring teenage sensation Pandora Ind.
Sal began his career playing bass for Mungo Jerry and has also had album deals with Warner Brothers (Towns and Bars and Sing Song) as the creator the legendary underground band HiFi.

Sal currently tops the NW African music and video charts on EthnoCloud
Sal still sells copious units to this day especially in middle Europe where he made his name.
Timbale (drums, percussion, vocals) has often been described as a very “musical” drummer. This may have something to do with the fact he was taught piano prior to taking up drumming, which he admits, has been an enormous advantage.
Over a period of thirty years Tim has played in a wide variety of musical set ups, ranging from pub and club bands to theatre shows and tours, recording sessions and TV and video appearances, incorporating rock, blues, funk, jazz, afro/Caribbean/reggae, rockabilly, and Cajun/New Orleans. He also played on Sal Paradise’s second album on Arista/Ariola ‘Das Wunder’
He has collaborated with many artists including Martin Turner (Wishbone Ash), Colin Lloyd Tucker, Ace (How Long?),  and has recorded with Martin Taylor(jazz guitarist), John Porter (Ex Roxy Music, now producer), Matt Johnson (The The), Deke Leonard (Man), Paddy Bush (Kate’s brother), Hal Lindas and David Knopler (Dire Straits), Brian Nash (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) and Ace to name but a few.
With Sal Paradise he sings uses an assortment of digital and ethnic percussion.

Such was the impact of his music on fans (see tributes below), especially in Germany and surrounding countries that Sal has decided to tour again. In this latest incarnation of Sal’s flagship ‘Moroccanroll’ sound, Sal has created a DJ touring roadshow to highlight his most popular songs and to fundamentally make people smile and dance!
This show contains hits past and present. All the material can be heard on Reverbnation where Sal Paradise is always high in the UK ‘World’ charts.
The DJ show involves CDJ and remixing technology with drummer Timbale lending a hand. Sal himself plays various instruments and sings as well as DJing.
Hear ‘Shimmer

no 1 places 1 and 2 world charts london

Hear and Download tracks from Reverbnation



Some of the fan comments …these are all genuine from real fans.

“’Medicine Man. I love this tune so much! It kept me hooked and I kept listening to it on replay’”- Alison Dray – No 1 Music

“Can’t stop listening to Prayer Mat your music is absolutely awesome and reflects my mood for today. i will follow your updates here and spread the word as much as i can..all the best!!”- Cornell Cantu

“medicine man” is a freakin’ HIT… how’s that… liek Men Without Hats meets Fela Kuti… …- The Magneto Flobe

“’Sal Paradise ..? wow !! wow !! AND wow !!! Blown away by your awesomeness , diversity and energy !!! every track so exciting and brilliant arrangements !! best music I’ve heard for a while..thoroughly enjoyed smile emoticon thanks for the fanning and we wish you all the best !! have a wonderful weekend ((*_*)) Jen XO’”

“’DON’T GO, DON’T GO …this is EXCELLENT. I love your work. It has a huge sound. With intelligent lyrics and a beautiful twist to the vocals. Pandora is AWESOME. TOP CLASS ART.’”- Steve Inglis

“This is a killer sound congrats mates.Love it very much.”- Jose Candaias, fanadalim (Mar 01, 2015)

“maestro, love the new record!!! i’ve been working on so many songs in the basement, i barely come up for air… but you know i need to come around here and learn from the best!!!! ya boi da boi d”

Da Boi

“..:) i think wow something very special happening here…:) the world is shifting to a new level and so are you and the beautiful music you are bringing…:) random maybe not.. edge and the magic of love oh yes for sure…:) i see oneness i hear completeness and i hear super words of harmony and music to my ears…:)”- Facebook (Mar 01, 2013)

“ World class musicianship, transcendental lyrics, music with movement and color ! And MORE soon !! ”- Acoustic Lighting

“Well and Truly Gone is stupendous!!! Great vocals for SURE!! Some amazing work here Sal……”- Mel Barnett, Reverbnation (Jan 14, 2014)

“ Very creative. I love hybrid stylist music. db ”

– DELWYN BROOKS – Studio Engineer – Other / All Genres, Reverbnation

“you know guys when i see this the other day i was like wow so understood what level you was coming from…:) you have my vote always…:) one love to you all <3”- J R Charles, FB Bandpage (Mar 01, 2013)

“I can’t think of anyone you sound like “totally unique””- grant coomber, facebook (Dec 01, 2011)

“ A Monster you have created, well I tell you it’s a GOOD Monster . . . I love Medicine Man and Get Thee Behind Me Satan. You really deserve that #1 spot on the charts! ”- DLivahh – Rock / progressive / alternative, reverb

“You are most welcome and deserving of praise! You are a great band and have a great sound, it’s a pleasure to hear and whatever “it” is you have it in abundance and it shines through your music! Keep ’em coming, love and respect, Gary”- Gary Guitar Lewis, Fandalism (Feb 26, 2014)

“ You are really a creative individual who has just tapped the unknown with your music.Best of luck my friend.One word sums it up.Outstanding. ”

– The Fabulous Del Counts – R&B/Soul, Revernation

“beautiful made me want to cry, I understood it…:) have a blessed day…:)”

Master Mataz, youtube (Feb 23, 2013)

“ Hey Sal! Thanks for sharing. Music is all about how it relates to our lives. You seem to have a deeper understanding than most. Your tunes show you know what you’re doing and sound like the real deal. Nice work bro! ”ToneKats, reverbnation

“I knew sal paradise since I bought their album Shimmer in Germany in 1985 and took it with me to Florida, USA at that time during my studies over there, in an underground music club im Miami called Fire and Ice I had them play the album and they wanted to offer me 120 Dollars for the album which I refused because I was sure back then that it will be difficult to get the album again, which was right at the time, I was able to download the album digitaly remasterd in I-tunes two years ago since my record got some damages the past years. I looked up the internet site and watched the video. Sal Paradise impressed me back then with their unique style of music which is still timeless ”- Dr Matts, Der Spiel

“Makena Monk Love Medicine Man a lot 🙂 .. up to the rest of your album… Making my afternoon a golden one.. Hugs Am at song 3 and not been bored one sec! you make great music it’s like Depeche Mode on a roller coaster.. so 2015 🙂 .. hugs Wow!!! I freaking loooooooooove “Baby’s in the Air”!!!! ”

– Makena Monk, facebook (Nov 17, 2015)

“Hiya Sal, It’s always a treat to hear your music. Lifts me up. Instantly recognisable as nobody else but you. And that’s special. Cheers! – Exile xx”

– Exile Potts, reverbnation (Oct 23, 2011)

“ Morning Sal, REALLY LIKE Shes the Woman, great percussion, you’ve got quite a haunting soulful sound to your voice, works very well with songs with emotion, they would LOOOOVVVEEE you in Africa, absolutely lov…e you, all you need is a bullshy slightly corrupt manager and he could make you a millionaire. They love the earthy, natural, percussion based artists over their, and they will love your spiritual boho side, and you would love them,”

– Joanne Dervin, facebook (Oct 19, 2013)

“I like your music a lot! Great! If you want to share the stage in NY let us know. Check out our world fusion trio. Allan – Moderno Trio”- Allan-Moderno Trio

“I watched the vids and listened to a few tracks on iTunes and was blown away so purchased both albums 🙂 wonder how I missed your material first time round, stunning music and the percussion is world class IMHO best on the planet.”- Drusher UK

“Your music is brilliant. It always touched my soul. I gave up doing a potential world tour to be in Paradise. I had to choose which I was going to do at the time. I don’t regret a single moment because I felt alive and connected when we did your music. I have always missed it and still believe in it.”- fyzah weekly

“ Jim Brummond Jim Brummond: Unbelievable, super original, outta this world sound that takes you places, then brings you back wanting more….I like alot! Apr 13”-

“ Rick Frost Rick Frost: Sal – Great Sound! Medicine Man is killer. Love the changes in the music – there is so much going on behind the vocal and all of it is good and serves its purpose well. Peace, Rick Frost Apr 13”- reverbnation

“KING CRAB: Great grooves and instrumentation is A+++. I like the vocal lines and particularly “Universe”. Thanks, keep ’em coming. Apr 17”- reverbnation

“Idjit Savant: Wow, Thank you Sal, your music sounds…Awesome!! What wonderful songs and production. World Music!! Carry ON!! Martin- IdjitSavant Apr 17 FrontRow ”

‘absolutely love your stuff and why you are not on the radio!!!???

my itunez is currently blocked and i sent them my request to fix it and as soon as it will be fixed i’ll search for your music there!!!’  BigBen

now THAT’s music ive been listening to this all day, seems like you can never get tired of it!-Adriana N1M

I love the album Shimmer, it definitely has it’s own Pigeon hole.
Takes me back to 1987, a friend introduced it to me. Gareth Wilkin

Ich leibe Das album! Thomas E Wunsch

Hey, absolut klasse!!! Thanks so much fürs posten!!!!! Tommy Barbarossa

Great Album, – Baby of the world! Jovolution

Sahara no way —— Baby of the wourld sind wirklich geniale Stücke!!!!!! Danke fürs einstellen,

an actually underrated record. (I do have the LP) Voll Dapp

Great !! Meriden Peter

Sounds great too. Rich and more rounded, warm, “present”, more here. Love the horns n harmonies in there. And yes, it is a classic. Peace x

“Hamma, unvergesslich !! DANKE !! Bernie Houseman

“Excellent, many thanks!!! 🙂 johnsteerling

“einfach ne geile Musik, ist aber schon bald 30 Jahre her. Andy S.